How do I change the profile of XactPRM estimates created from PPW?

Updated 2 months ago by Rob Martin

Estimates can be created within XactPRM or via integration with PPW. When creating estimates within XactPRM, you can modify the profile that estimates are created under, but what about when you are creating the estimate from PPW? This document will outline how to modify the profile that is used when creating an estimate from PPW.

  1. Within PPW click on Admin.
  2. Under Application Options click on XactPRM Integration.
  3. If not already connected, click Connect XactPRM and login with your XactPRM credentials.
  4. In the Profile dropdown, select the profile that should be used to create your XactPRM estimate. This profile will be used for all future XactPRM estimates created from PPW.
  5. Repeat the above steps the next time you need to adjust what profile is used for your XactPRM estimates created from PPW.

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