How can I switch the File Number format of estimates created from PPW?

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XactPRM estimates can be created via an integration with Property Preservation Wizard (PPW). Using the following steps, for specific clients who may require the File Number to appear a certain way, you can customize the File Number format that gets used.

Once set, the File Number of an estimate cannot be changed. The format used for future client-specific estimates can be changed at any point using the steps that follow.

Setting the File Number format.

  1. Log into PPW and navigate to Admin > General.
  2. Under Application Options select Client Companies.
  3. Click a client company to view its settings.
  4. Find the XactPRM File Number dropdown and choose the field you would like to use to populate the XactPRM File Number. You can choose between options of Loan Number, Asset ID, Investor Case Number, and Work Order Number.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Repeat these steps as needed to set the File Number format for other client companies.
You can also customize the profile of estimates created from PPW. Click here to learn more.

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