How do I update the pricing for my estimate?

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XactPRM price lists are published monthly, with a new price list being made available on or around the first of each month. XactPRM automatically applies the most recent price list to any new estimates, but what if you have an estimate that was created with an earlier price list? Use the steps below to identify if a new price list is available and to apply it.

Updating to more recent pricing

  1. Open an estimate and navigate to the Pricing tab.
  2. In the Price List Information card, locate the Price List field.
  3. Click the refresh icon next to the Price List field.
    If the refresh icon is disabled, that indicates the price list that is currently applied is the most recent one.
  4. Click UPDATE to confirm you wish to update the price list.
  1. A toast message at the bottom of the screen telling you how much the estimate price changed.
    Any prices that have been manually modified WILL NOT be reset with the reprice. If new pricing is needed for those line items, they will need to be re-added.

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