Getting the most out of the Quantity (Qty) field

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In October 2021, an update was made to the Added Items grid changing it from this...

to this...

Put simply, the Calc field was removed and its functionality added to the Qty field.

This document will outline how to get the most out of the Qty field as you estimate.

What can I input into the Quantity field?

Before, the Qty field only accepted numeric values. Now it supports not only numeric values but variables and calculations as well.

numeric values

any whole number or decimal For example:





codes that deal with the dimensions of the room/group (e.g., WC, PF, F). If no dimensions are entered, this will translate to a quantity of 0. Some line items are added with a default variable. The complete list of available variables is as follows:

C = square feet of ceiling

F = square feet of floor

SY = square yards of floor

PC = perimeter of the ceiling

PF = perimeter of the floor

W = square feet of walls

WC = square feet of walls and ceiling


combination of numeric values and/or variables along with mathematical symbols. For example:




How do I see what variables or calculation is being used for a line item?

To see what variable or calculation is resulting in the quantity you see when viewing the line item, click on the line item to put it into edit mode. The Qty field will change from this...

to this...

In this case, we can see that the WC variable is translating to a quantity of 528. At this point, changes can be made to the calculation. Once the line item is no longer in edit mode, the value will change back to reflect the final quantity. This is similar to how common spreadsheet programs operate.

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