Creating and Filling out Form projects

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Although XactPRM is best known for our leading pricing research and the cost estimates that we help users create, we also have another project type that we call Forms. This article will walk you through creating and filling out a form project. We are making the assumption with this article that a Form project has already been created and published. For help with those steps, view our Creating Form Templates article.

Creating a Form Project

  1. Open to the Projects tab and click the Add button.
  2. Input the project address, name, file number, and profile.
  3. Under Project Type select Form.
  4. Select the form name. Only published forms will be shown in this list.
  5. Click NEXT and then ADD to create the form project.

Filling out a Form Project

  1. Open your form project and navigate to the Form tab.
    The current form sections are displayed in the middle section. Begin answering the questions shown on the page. To jump to the next section
  2. Begin answering the questions shown on the page.
  3. To navigate to other sections of the form either use the PREVIOUS / NEXT buttons at the bottom of the page or use the Form Navigation section on the righthand side of the page.
  4. Once finished, navigate to the Complete tab and click the CHANGE STATUS button until the form shows Completed.
    All required questions must be filled in before you can mark a form Completed


How do I duplicate a section of the form?
  1. Click the Duplicate button on the section header. Note that whether each section is duplicatable depends on the form creator.
What do the asterisks (*) next to some questions indicate?

Asterisks indicate required questions.

Why do some questions show as red?

The Complete tab includes a count of missing required questions. If this is clicked it will navigate you back to the first missing required question and highlight it red.

Why can't I mark my form project Complete?

All required questions need to be answered before a project can be marked Complete

Can I use a mobile device to fill out my form projects?

Yes! We've designed xactprm forms to work well on a tablet. Simply login to using your device's browser and fill out the form the same way you would on your computer.

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